Restore will help you identify how God has called you to help others, evaluate the best way to respond, and commit to your next step.

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"Good intentions are not enough. It is very possible to hurt people in the very process of trying to help them."

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Helping others

Have you ever thought helping others could actually hurt them? Without the right approach, we can start with good intentions but end up hurting those we want to help the most. At Life.Church, we're learning to think differently about missions, and we want you to be part of that conversation through Restore.

Restore is a three-session, documentary-style video learning experience that challenges us all to do better at helping others. It will help you, your family, and your LifeGroup gain a new perspective on the most effective ways to help those in need—around the world and in our communities.

Together, let's do better at doing good.

Restore aside

"Restoration happens through relationship. Walking in a relationship with another person over time sets the stage for true change to occur."

Sam Roberts

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