Partnering with the local church

We believe the local church is the hope of our communities, which is why we are committed to providing relief and restoration to our communities through partnerships with local organizations. After all, we can do infinitely more together than we can apart.

How Local Partnership Works

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Life.Church to restore our community. The process of becoming a Life.Church local mission partner begins with a conversation between the organization and the LifeGroups and Missions Team at a Life.Church campus to discuss potential service opportunities and then continues when the partner completes an official application to become a Life.Church partner.

We will review the prospective partnership to ensure the volunteer roles are restorative and clearly defined, and then evaluate the organization’s standing to ensure we are able to grant funding. When the organization is approved, a one-year agreement is signed and Life.Church gives a grant to the new partner organization. Partnerships are renewed annually.

Throughout the year, the partner and campus team work together to recruit individuals to become involved with the organization. The partner provides training, guidance, and support to each volunteer. We want to help our partners become more effective, so we share feedback that we receive through our volunteer survey about their experience.

Learn more about our approach to local missions by reading our Missions Principles and watching Restore, a three-session video series that guides individuals to identify, evaluate, and commit to what God has called them to do in their communities.

What we expect from our partners

  • Engage a minimum of 10 volunteers in well-defined roles that require the volunteer to be involved at least once per month over time
  • Help the campus team recruit volunteers by sharing promotional materials and recruiting volunteers on weekends and at special events
  • Follow up with individuals interested in volunteering in a prompt and personal manner
  • Provide an initial orientation for each volunteer that clarifies expectations for the volunteer as well as any training or support the volunteer needs to be successful
  • Help the LifeGroups and Missions staff at your partnering campus keep up to date on the names of individuals from Life.Church who are involved with your organization

Our commitment to our partners

  • Provide an annual grant based on the number of volunteers the organization effectively engages over time
  • Help recruit volunteers for the organization by creating awareness on weekends, through social media, and at special events
  • Provide contact information for individuals who request to learn more about the organization
  • Complete a quarterly survey with volunteers to obtain feedback about their experience, and share the survey results with the partner

“We are continually amazed by this partnership & the new leaders that step up to recruit and share their story with their campus.”

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How Funding Works

We believe that relationships drive change. We want our attenders to engage with our partner organizations to build the relationships that drive change and our heart is to support those organizations financially. In the first year of partnership, we will provide a $5,000 grant to the organization. If the partner continues to meets the expectations, the partnership will be renewed each year which will include an annual grant between $5,000 and $80,000 depending on the number of volunteers that are involved. We are extremely excited about the impact of mobilizing people and funds to restore our communities.

Next Steps

Connect with the LifeGroups and Missions Team at your campus to begin the partner application process. They will walk you through your next steps in beginning or continuing your partnership with Life.Church.

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