Highly Unlikely

Highly Unlikely

Highly Unlikely

Start by reviewing this week’s key points from the message.

The Widow of Zarephath

1 Kings 17:8-16

"The most barren place can bear the seeds of the most unlikely result."

"If you don’t embrace your place here you’ll never do it there."

God has given you:

"Wherever you are now is where God wants you to sow your time, talent, tongue, and treasure."

“She was so busy looking at what she didn’t have, she forgot to see what she did have — the ingredients of a miracle.”

“God’s looking for availability not ability.”

“God still goes to unlikely places, still uses unlikely people, still implements unlikely strategies, and still produces unlikely outcomes.”

Discussion Questions

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From the Source

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Live It Out

End with a challenge to take action. Choose a closing question to help each person identify their next steps.