Faith-Filled, Big-Thinking

Faith-Filled, Big-Thinking

Faith-Filled, Big-Thinking

Review Pastor Craig’s points to remember what stuck out to you from the message.

"We are faith-filled, big-thinking, bet-the-farm risk takers. We will never insult God with small thinking and safe living."

How big is your faith?

Jesus was amazed by lack of faith.
Mark 6:5-6
Jesus was amazed by great faith.
Luke 7:9

3 Principles of Faith

  1. You cannot play it safe and please God.
  2. As long as you have a guarantee, you don’t have faith.
  3. To step toward your destiny, you have to step away from your security.

Discussion Questions

Start with an icebreaker question to get everyone talking. Then choose questions that will work well with your group.

From the Source

To introduce some different perspectives into the conversation, consider reading one of these verses together.

Hebrews 11:1-2
Matthew 16:25
2 Samuel 10:12
James 1:5-6
1 Peter 1:5-9
Hebrews 11:6

Live It Out

End each week with a challenge to take action. As a group, you can help each person identify their next steps.