God-Honoring Sex

God-Honoring Sex

God-Honoring Sex

LEADER NOTE: Please prayerfully consider what a painful topic this may be for those with bitterness, shame, guilt, or abuse in their past. Contact a pastor if you find someone in your group needs support beyond your group’s ability to serve them.

Start by reviewing Pastor Craig's key points.

Four Qualities of God-Honoring Sex

  1. God-honoring sex starts before the bedroom.
    Song of Solomon 4:1-2
    Song of Solomon 4:3-4
    "Long before you make a move, build intimacy."
  2. God-honoring sex is passionate.
    Song of Solomon 4:5
    Song of Solomon 4:6
  3. God-honoring sex is built on absolute trust.
    Song of Solomon 4:7
    "You are each other’s only legitimate way to find sexual fulfillment."
  4. God-honoring sex is holy.
    Song of Solomon 4:12-13
    Song of Solomon 4:15-16
    "Only Christ makes something holy."

Discussion Questions

Get everyone engaged and participating by starting with an easy question everyone can answer and then move toward questions that lead each person to own their own growth.

For Singles

For Married Couples

Live It Out

End with a challenge to take action. Lead your group to help each person identify their next steps.