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Start by reviewing what stuck out to you from the message.

How does technology cause us to care less?

  1. We're more obsessed with ourselves.
  2. Overwhelming exposure to suffering desensitizes us.
  3. Lack of personal interaction makes it easier not to care.

splagchnizomai (splangkh-nid'- zom-ahee); to have the bowels yearn, feel deep sympathy, to be moved to action.

"Caring is not liking a post but loving a person!"

Mark 1:40-41

Matthew 14:14

Matthew 20:34

  1. Compassion interrupts.
  2. Compassion costs.
  3. Compassion changes lives.

Discussion Questions

How deep do you want to take your group? Choose from these suggestions to lead your discussion.

Live It Out

End with a challenge to take action. Choose a closing question to help each person identify their next steps.

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