Free Resources To Help Fight Anxiety and Fuel Hope

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Anxiety is real. So is hope.

Hope exists. It’s an expectation, founded in experience, that good is coming. We want to give you that kind of hope however we can. That’s why we created this completely free email series.
“Through counseling, prayer, and processing these feelings … I can say with joy and confidence that I’ve come a long way. While my battle with anxiety hasn’t gone away, I’ve found a new perspective and new tools that help me press on and continue to fight.”
- Ben D.

What’s in the emails?

Practical Tips from a Licensed Therapist

Michelle shares helpful ways to reduce anxiety and stress, including getting enough sleep, identifying triggers, finding support and community with others, and more.

A Guide to Finding Peace with Anxiety

This guide is full of personal stories, information from therapists, and hope from the Bible, and will help you discover that hope is nearby and peace is possible. 

Anxious For Nothing Message Series

Our pastor, Craig Groeschel, shares how to avoid running yourself into the ground, shutting people out, focusing on the negative, and forgetting God.

A Daily Prayer for Anxiety and Stress

Whether or not you’ve come to know and trust God, this prayer will give you the words to say to place your worry, fear, and anxiety in Someone’s hands. 

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We’re big fans of mental health professionals and we believe in a good God who made it all, cares how we feel, and knows how we heal. The help we’ll send shouldn’t replace the help you’re getting, but it can connect you with more hope, real people’s stories, and a God who’s working for your good.