Developing spiritually,
and professionally.

It's all about growing your understanding of who God is, who you are, where you belong, and your purpose.

You will have the opportunity to:

Have a personal coach who is specifically devoted to pouring wisdom into your life and building you up throughout the entire internship.

Take part in learning and developmental opportunities, including book discussions, learning sessions, and events for Life.Church staff.

Make personal connections and build peer group relationships with other interns.

Be part of a forward-thinking, risk-taking, sold-out ministry that is making a lasting difference by leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Develop under some of the best leaders in ministry and work in a team environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Be equipped with the tools and resources you need to effectively serve and contribute to your team.

Types of Internships

Our internships span a broad range of areas at Life.Church. Choose one of the paths that best aligns with your gifts:

Campus Internships

Sharpen your skills working alongside full-time pastors doing ministry at our locations and in our communities.

Central Internships

Learn from leaders and innovators in a wide variety of areas like tech, creative, administration, and more.

Here are the answers to the questions everyone asks about our internships.

  • To prepare you for your life’s work. You’ll benefit from:

    • Personal attention: Be coached by a dedicated ministry leader who invests in your development, growth, and success.
    • Future focus: Discover more about who you are and develop a vision and purpose for your life.
    • A growth environment: Absorb the culture of Life.Church and experience strong leadership, innovative perspectives, and holistic development.
    • Real world experience: God has given you strengths and skills, and we want to give you the opportunity to use them to make a difference.

    We focus on three key elements:

    • Spiritual Development
    • Personal Development
    • Professional Development
  • Our internships span over a broad range of areas at Life.Church. Choose one of the tracks that best aligns with your gifts:

    Campus Ministry

    • LifeGroups/LifeMissions
    • Host Team
    • Youth
    • LifeKids
    • Worship
    • Operations

    Central Operations

    • Film making
    • Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Content Development/Writing
    • Strategy/Project Management
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Life.Church Online
    • YouVersion Bible App
    • Information Technology
    • Software Engineer
    • UI/UX Design
    • Tableau/Data Analysis
    • Financial Operations & Accounting
    • Human Resourcing & Recruitment
    • Risk Management & Legal Services
    • Training & Development
  • Full-time campus internships are six months long, starting in January, May, and September.

    Full-time Central internships are three months long, starting in January, May, and September.

    Part-time internships are nine to 12 weeks long, typically from June-August.

  • Each intern is matched with a coach. This coach is a Life.Church staff member who is specifically devoted to pouring wisdom into your life and building you up throughout the entire internship. As an intern, you will serve as part of your coach’s staff team. This team will be a major part of your day-to-day development during your internship.

  • Internship applicants are passionate about the “capital C” church and are ready to grow in their walk with Christ, develop personal skills, and gain professional ministry experience. We invite any young adults 18 years or older to apply.

    Both full and part-time internships are designed for young adults who are seeking a safe place to grow their confidence and skills in a ministry environment!

  • Absolutely! However, you will be responsible for securing your own housing.

  • If you have a housing option near your assigned location (such as a relative or friend), then you are free to secure your own housing. If you need housing, the Life.Church team you are assigned to will assist you in finding housing during your internship, but it’s not guaranteed. Paid interns typically pay no more than $450 a month for housing.

  • Campus internships will require 40 hours a week during our full-time internships. Central internships will require a minimum of 25 hours a week and a maximum of 40. Throughout the application and interview process, you’ll need to discuss all scheduling questions or concerns you may have. Your team will do everything possible to work with you to make sure you have a schedule that works best for you.

  • Depending on your location, you will work four or five days during the week, and some evenings as needed. The weekends will involve serving at various worship experiences. Your coach will work with you to ensure the best use of your time. Applicants must be flexible with their time and ready for the excitement of an internship and the pace of Life.Church.

  • No, Life.Church will not provide health insurance to interns. As an intern, you have two options to consider when it comes to health insurance. You can stay on your parent’s health insurance plan (if applicable) or you can purchase your own plan through a private insurance company. You can talk to our Human Resources team and ask them for suggestions on purchasing your own health insurance plan if you are unsure about your options, but no health insurance coverage will be offered to interns through Life.Church.

  • Yes. At this time, we cannot provide transportation to and from your assigned location. You are responsible for maintaining adequate insurance on your personal vehicle and having a current driver’s license.

  • Although there’s an opportunity to interview for a staff role at the end of the internship, that isn’t the goal. Our hope is that everyone who completes their internship gains a deeper understanding of who God is, who they are, where they belong, and what their purpose is!

  • Campus internships happen at most physical Life.Church Locations across the United States.

    Central internships are located at our Central Offices in Edmond, OK.

  • Yes, un-paid part-time summer internships lasting from June-August are available each year at every Life.Church location.

    Click here to apply for a summer internship.

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