It starts with passion.

In 2007, Life.Church launched YouVersion with a simple vision to help people everywhere engage with the Bible. In the years since, YouVersion has grown into a vibrant digital community on a wide variety of apps and platforms. Our mobile apps, the Bible App and the Bible App for Kids, have been downloaded on hundreds of millions of devices and are used daily in every country on Earth. The Bible App features over 1,400 languages and 2,000 translations of God’s Word.

Work that matters

The YouVersion Team wholeheartedly believes a daily rhythm of seeking intimacy with God has the power to transform lives. That’s why YouVersion creates biblically centered, culturally relevant experiences that encourage and challenge people to seek God throughout each day. Our hope is that each person in our community is on an active journey to become who God made them to be, abiding in Him, and drawing closer every day.

Changing lives isn't the only benefit

When you join the YouVersion Team, you'll enjoy a variety of perks beyond a paycheck. And while the biggest perk is doing work that makes an eternal difference, you'll find it's far from the only benefit we offer.

Find Your Place

We hope this is the place where your skills, talents, and passions meet. God is telling a story here, and we want you to be part of it.