Starting Thursday, December 21, we have special Christmas services for you and your family to enjoy.

Celebrate Christmas at Life.Church!

Find a Christmas service time by choosing a Life.Church location near you.
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Christmas Movies Connect Us

And that’s what Christmas at the Movies is all about. We'll watch scenes from Christmas movies during church, and Pastor Craig Groeschel will use them to teach us more about God, ourselves, and the life that's possible for us.

Plus, our Life.Church locations go all out decorating the lobbies, serving Christmas treats, and creating photo ops for your family! 

Worldwide Cheer

Christmas at the Movies is coming to a city near you.

If you can’t attend at a Life.Church location, don’t miss this opportunity to come together digitally for one of the most meaningful times of year!

We’ll have some fun watching the Christmas movies we know and love, and—most importantly—celebrate our Savior as one global church family.

You can attend Life.Church Online Christmas services everywhere starting Thursday, December 21 at 8:00pm CDT.

Invite a Friend

Christmas at the Movies is even more fun with friends!

Hi! Want to come with me to Life.Church this weekend? We're watching Christmas movies in church, and we have snacks! It's so much fun. Here's a link to check it out:

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