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Giving FAQs

Accountability and integrity are vitally important in every aspect of our church, and it’s no different when it comes to finances. We will always honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and transparency so that Life.Church remains beyond reproach.


  • What happens to my money when I give to Life.Church?

    Life.Church is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. That means we adhere to high standards of biblical accountability, board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of charitable resources. We make our financial statements freely available to view, and you are always welcome to contact our Giving Experience Team with general questions about our financial practices. To learn more about our standards for financial integrity, visit or watch this video.

    Financial Statements:

    Most Recent Unaudited Most Recent Audited
  • Why should I tithe?

    In Malachi 3:10, God tells us to bring the tithe, which is 10% of our income, to Him. Later, Jesus affirms this in the New Testament.

  • Why should I give to Life.Church?

    When you give to Life.Church, God does something amazing. He multiplies your gifts and does more with it than any of us could ask or imagine. Your tithe becomes part of God’s plan to resource the local church to do His work here on earth. And He also allows you to be a part of all He is doing in your community and around the world through local and global missions partners. Know that we honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of Life.Church remains beyond reproach.

  • What’s the best way to give?

    The easiest and best way to give is through the Life.Church app. You can make a gift, schedule your giving, and review your giving history all in one place. You can also access current and past messages, check in to LifeKids or to serve, listen to the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, and much more. Visit to download the app for free today.

  • Can I give above my tithe to a specific area?

    Yes! Life.Church has five areas for giving above the tithe through an offering: New Locations, Local & Global Missions, Free Resources, Digital Reach, and YouVersion & Bible Translation. You can learn more about each of these at

  • How can I get a giving statement for tax purposes?

    You can download your giving history anytime through the Life.Church app or at We will also send you a giving statement by January 31 of the following calendar year. If you need help getting a copy of your giving statement or have questions about your giving history, just let us know at and we’d be happy to help!

  • What’s the most cost-effective method of giving?

    The most cost-effective method of giving to Life.Church is the “bank account” option. This method has the lowest processing costs which allows us to put more of your gift to work in ministry.

  • Who can I contact if I need any help with giving?

    The Life.Church Giving Experience Team is available to help you seven days a week! Just send an email to or give us a call at 405-216-7054.