LifeMissions Guiding Principles

As a church, we want to love people both near and far. Life.Church learned the hard way how our desire to do good can sometimes hurt the very people we set out to help. From that experience came our Five LifeMission Principles—our guide to loving our neighbors as ourselves.

We go big on help for body and soul.

The Gospel—God's good news—promises freedom for the entire person. We follow the model Jesus laid out: care for both the body and the soul. We unwaveringly preach the Gospel while restoring and developing the natural and social parts of our communities.

Relief and restoration are different—but they both matter.

We decide to run fast with relief or go long with restoration. Relief is immediate, temporary help to reduce suffering during and after a crisis. Restoration happens through long-term relationships which rebuild people, families, and communities back to their God-designed wholeness. Both matter.

We don't reinvent the wheel—we roll with it.

We know our role. Our sweet spot is offering our people and resources to organizations who plant churches, offer relief, develop leaders, and strengthen communities. To do it right, we've built financial and program accountability directly into our partnerships.

We come with questions, not answers.

We value the strengths and gifts already at work in individuals and communities. We come with empty hands and open hearts asking how we can assist in the work God is already doing. We believe this questions-not-answers approach leads to local ownership of community-bred solutions.

We're all broken in some way.

Poverty is a result of brokenness. Whether we lack material resources, meaningful relationships, purpose, or hope in Christ, we all experience poverty in some way. As we reach out to others hoping to mend brokenness, we know we bring our own brokenness into the mix. When we keep this mindset, we wholeheartedly avoid “us and them” language and behaviors.