A Conversation Without Drama? It’s Possible!

Is your patience being put to the test lately? Curious about how to share your beliefs without starting a fight? Here’s how to get started ...

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3 Tips to Help You Love People You Disagree With

Ever wish there were a formula for handling tricky conversations? These three tips can help you love people—even when you disagree with them.

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Prayers for Strength, Hope, Stress, and Everything Else You Need

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when you pray. Here are some resources and some prayers for strength, hope, stress, and all the things.

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How to Love Others When You’d Really Rather Not

Jesus promised that the world would know we’re His followers not by how loudly we shout our opinions, but by how well we love people.

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A Guide to Talking Politics Without Cringing, Hiding, or Fighting

Be wise, sensitive, and know your audience. Yes, Jesus flipped some tables, but more often He sat down at them to share food and conversation.

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You Can Start Setting Boundaries to Let People In

Healthy boundaries are more like a gate than a wall. If you’re constantly stressed by relationships, you might need a better way to let people in. 

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Being a Christian Without Being a Jerk

We sometimes speak more than we listen, and when we do these things, we’re not acting different; we’re acting just like the rest of the world.

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Start a Bible Plan with a friend.

No Offense

7 Days

From the latest news headline to social media comments, there are plenty of opportunities to be offended each day. But what if we decided to respond differently? 

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How to Love Your Neighbors

4 Days

Regardless of how close we are to those we disagree with, we’re still called to love them as our neighbors. 

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Experiencing God's Peace

5 Days

In this Plan, we’ll dive into what God’s peace truly means and how we can experience it in our lives.

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How To Love People You Disagree With

5 Days

In this 5-day Plan, you’ll learn how to love, respect, and empathize with people by speaking truth with grace and gentleness.

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