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Your Best Days Are Now

A Better Way

Review this week’s message.

Key Scriptures

... They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside and said, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”
John 2:8-10 NIV

Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through. A man was there by the name of Zacchaeus; he was a chief tax collector and was wealthy.
Luke 19:1-2 NIV

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. ...”
Matthew 6:34 NIV

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”—yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.
James 4:13-14 ESV

This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24 NLT

Start talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.
  • Share about the best day of your life.
Start thinking. Ask a question to get your group thinking.
  • Which part of this message was most impactful for you and why?
  • Talk about some common ways you find yourself getting distracted. How could you start being more present instead?
  • Do you truly believe that your best days are now? Why or why not?
Start sharing. Choose a question to create openness.
  • Share about a time when you weren’t living in the moment. What did you learn about the importance of being fully present after that moment passed?
  • Do you typically have a harder time surrendering the past you can’t change or trusting God with a future you can’t control? Why is that?
Start praying. Be bold and pray with power.

Father, thank You for today and for this moment. Help us be fully present with You and with others. We don’t want to miss what we have now in pursuit of what we want later. Please give us peace and strength to be here in this moment. We trust You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Start doing. Commit to a step and live it out this week.
  • Take time each day this week to practice being fully present. As you slow down and soak in the moments happening around you, share what you experience with your friends, family, or LifeGroup.
  • Start the A Better Way Bible Plan using Plans With Friends:
  • Consider how you could love others by serving on the weekend or with a Local Mission Partner.

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Your Best Days Are Now

A Better Way

Have you ever heard the saying, “Your best days are ahead of you”? What if your best days are now? Instead of constantly looking forward, we’re learning how to be fully present.

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