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Take your next step toward peace.

Sometimes, we’re facing battles that no one else can see. In our new series, Peace of Mind, we’ll learn how to fight our mental battles and find peace.

Jesus cares about your mental health, and we do too. Below, you’ll find hand-picked resources to help you find hope, strength, and encouragement. Each one will connect you with practical next steps you can take to make your mental health a priority.

You've Heard It Said Podcast

Articles from Finds.Life

Pastor Craig Groeschel’s List of Positive Affirmations to Renew Your Min...

This list of positive affirmations is probably the most meaningful way I’m connecting with God this year. 

3 Ways I’m Learning to Process Trauma

Trauma is complex and takes time to process, but healing is possible. It likely won’t be easy or instant, but the work you’re putting in to process your trauma will make a difference. 

How Do I Process Loss? A Guide for Moving Toward Peace

If you’re grieving the loss of a relationship, a dream, or someone you love, you’re not alone. How do we begin healing while we process loss?

Let's Talk About Spirituality and Mental Health

If you’ve struggled with mental health issues or love someone who’s struggling with them, you know every day can feel like an uphill battle.

Bible Plans from YouVersion

Wisdom for Mental Health

7 Things the Bible Says About Anxiety

Dealing with Uncertainty

Making Time to Rest

Message Series for Mental Health

Peace of Mind

Winning the War in Your Mind

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