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Help others right where you are and learn how to show God’s love in your community.

Show God’s love right where you are.

We carefully select Local Mission Partners in each of our communities that affect positive change in five key areas. As you pursue God's calling on your life, we want to help you take action on the causes you care about most.

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Healthy families build healthy communities. Because everything begins at home, we want everyone to have a family where they belong. 

Families are our first connection to everything we need to thrive. As a church, we partner with families through foster care and adoption, mentorship, elderly care, early childhood experiences, and parent resources.

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Justice pursues God’s best for everyone. God designed every human in His image—so we seek dignity and equity for all.

Because we’re all made by God to reflect His goodness, we follow the way of Jesus to dismantle oppression and find freedom by building relationships that expand our perspectives and inspire us to take action in unjust parts of society.

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Education unlocks opportunity. No two people have the same experiences, but education levels the ground for growth. 

Education spans opportunity gaps and empowers people to live meaningful lives. We listen to educators, get to know our schools, tutor in our communities, and invest in environments where people can’t help but learn.

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God wants wellness for all of us. Because body, mind, and soul matter to God, we pursue healing for the whole person.

Every person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being matters to God. We walk with people into our full, God-given potential by serving with community-based health services, working with medically at-risk individuals, and developing resources and relationships for freedom from addiction.

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Community Empowerment

Communities change from the inside out. Because every neighborhood knows and grows itself best, we empower the people who live there. 

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Reaching people for Christ around the globe.

We can’t do this without you! With your help, we’re eradicating Bible poverty, supporting people in crisis, and equipping churches to transform their communities. You can help spread God’s love by supporting global missions.

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