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There's power at work in you.

At Switch, you can unleash it. We're youth, and we're on a mission to change our world in Jesus' name. And you're invited.

Info For Parents
Worshipping Jesus

Every Wednesday night at 7:00pm, 6th-12th graders across the country meet up for Switch at Life.Church.

We love great music, spending time with friends, and discovering new ways to make life better, so we do that every week.

So DM your friends and tell 'em you've got Wednesday night covered. Switch is on, and it won't be the same without you.

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@lcswitch is all over Instagram, too. Pop in and drop a 🤙🏾 on our last post. We want to hear from you.

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We choose to be the Church. We don't sit back and watch. You've got gifts, and we'll give you the opportunity to use them!

Every weekend, Switch students volunteer together at Life.Church—and there’s a spot for you.

And if worship is your jam, you can't miss out on the Switch Section on the weekend. Your youth pastor has all the details.

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Netflix can wait. We've got your next binge sesh queued up on the Switch YouTube channel. Subscribe and leave us a comment to let us know you're watching!

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Hey, Parents...

There are several ways your 6th-12th grader can get involved in Switch. There are four main pipelines:

Switch on Wednesday Nights.

The main Switch experience features worship, games, and messages designed for students in middle school and high school. Each night ends with small-group time led by a trained, background-checked volunteer.

Switch on the Weekend.

Students can apply to serve in LifeKids, Operations, Technology Solutions, or on the Host Team on weekends. Additionally, most locations have designated a Switch Section for 6th-12th graders to sit together as they experience the weekend service.

Switch On Demand.

Switch messages and worship music are available anytime on YouTube, on our website, and in the Life.Church app.

We love spending time connecting with your students! We always strive to keep our physical and digital spaces safe, and we’d love to share more with you about how we make it happen. In addition to reaching out to your youth pastor at your location, you can also learn more about how we partner with parents or sign up to volunteer with Switch.