Worship isn’t just the songs we sing.
It's our way of life.

Worship is about the posture of our hearts.

There’s power and energy when we let go of distractions and focus on God together. When we gather at church, we sing songs that honor God for who He is and what He’s done.

Meet our worship collectives.

At Life.Church, we have two collectives of worship pastors who write and release music for our church: Life.Church Worship and Switch.

These collectives capture what God is doing in our church and write anthems that tell the story of how He is moving. You can listen to all their music on your favorite digital platform!

Listen to Music From Life.Church Worship

Discover Music From Switch

Serve on the Tech & Worship Team at your location.

When you serve with the Tech & Worship Team at your Life.Church location, you help create an environment for people to be in God’s presence. No matter your skill level, there’s a spot for you.

Feel called to work in ministry?

We’re hiring worship pastors at Life.Church locations. God is telling a story here, and you have a part to play.

Get free worship resources for your church.

Download free resources and support material for music from Life.Church Worship, Switch, and our partners on Open Network.

From ProPresenter slides, lyrics, chord charts, and album art—you’ll find everything your ministry needs to lead others in worship to God.