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2020 • 10 songs

More About the Album
Symphony album art
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Heaven's All Around

2020 2 songs
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I Won't Move

2020 1 song
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God So Good (Live)

2019 11 songs
C05d8754 0156 4fd4 8d3e a3e151933e5c

Death of Death - EP

2019 5 songs
28897ef3 1fa1 4a4e af1a 5a6b21f2fab0

You Are

2018 1 song
6f493e86 6969 4d56 9d50 f89ed261e717

Revive EP

2018 3 songs
A3476f52 c1b7 490a b4fc ea4f89beb330

Time is Short

2018 1 song
5602476c d17e 4abd b175 e81176725f28

How Sweet the Sound

2018 4 songs
303704bc 3907 453c 87cd 484978c18fbf

With Us (Live)

2017 3 songs
3c7cb883 8e3d 4667 9eb3 dcbd6ba60ed7

Won The War

2017 1 song
4f6a212d cf86 41e1 b39b 1d5ec2dcd8cf

Even Now

2017 1 song
54f9787f ba24 4d6f a4b3 f580df66689b

We Won't Be Different Alone

2017 1 song
130fdf38 6ba1 4191 9f36 73359329b02c


2017 3 songs
A557279f f17c 4de8 8bef 604f0a2f8fe4

What We Do

2017 1 song
89dd249d 1e73 4bda 9c4c fa5083b1d7c4

Breaking The Silence (Yellow)

2016 4 songs
07baa569 1b98 4117 aade e2b4b8bd2f7f


2016 1 song
Da8aa323 0af3 41b9 9f91 dfe9586cbd83

With Us

2016 1 song
99ad20cf 8647 4eaf a18a aa0cdf900b0f

Breaking The Silence (Magenta)

2016 3 songs
5553cd11 2df6 4e62 9883 a9b596abafd1

Breaking The Silence (Cyan)

2016 4 songs
36cec6d1 ea38 499d 878d 345f59274ee4

Walls Come Down

2016 1 song
2c493029 02af 4d2a 91fa c6f88d046fa6

Fully Devoted (Live)

2016 9 songs
Ec3a4afa ccf2 4c3e 8344 28837b1b38c4

Savior Forever

2015 3 songs
A02651c3 85d1 4949 afa7 557d023606d1

We Lift You High

2014 1 song