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Never Will

Jesus Is Near


Verse 1

O my soul, be still
When my heart is fragile
Hold fast to the truth
There is hope still in this storm

Verse 2

Help my eyes to see
Though my faith is shaking
Teach me to believe
Every word You say is true
You are making all things new


You remind me that


You won’t let go of me
No, You won’t let go of me
Through every high and low
Jesus You’re constant through it all
No, You won’t let go of me
You never will

Verse 3

Here I find Your love
Is a firm foundation
So I’m holding on
To the promise of Your truth
It’s the hope that sees me through


You are strong in my weakness
I’m not lost in the darkness
You won’t let go
You won’t let go of me
And when my heart is anxious
You’re the peace that sustains it
You won’t let go
You won’t let go of me

Behind the Music

In the writing session for “Never Will,” we began to talk about what someone needs to hear when they’re struggling with depression. From our personal experiences, we understand it’s not necessarily helpful to hear that “everything will be alright.” More than anything, we want people to know that no matter how they feel, no matter what blanket of numbness may be pressing down on them, God is there. He’s not going to let go or leave. There’s nothing too dark or too deep to make him walk away or withdraw His hand from us.

We saw this song become an outlet for people to express how they were feeling in recent months. People in our church were gravitating toward this song. It’s such a testament to how our personal experiences can impact others. Even though they may be on a different journey, God can use our stories to work in people’s lives just as powerfully.

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Jesus Is Near

2020 • 5 Songs