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Verse 1

It’s true, I could never earn Your grace
Still You give it freely every day
Even when my mind is overcome
Say I won’t be left here on my own

Verse 2

Your love is not distracted by my shame
You’re near to me, You understand my pain
And when my burdens bring me to my knees
You are always there to carry me


I’ve failed under pressure
Despite all my efforts
But Your love keeps no record


You won’t leave
You never walk away
Love won’t fail
It never loses faith
Even when I feel like I’m losing control
You will hold me close
You won’t leave
You never walk away
Constant through
Whatever I may face
Even when I feel like I’m losing control
You will hold me close

Verse 3

Even when my confidence is gone
Lost within the mess of what went wrong
Somehow You see treasure in me still
You’ve loved me all along, You always will


No matter how far
My heart runs away
I’ll never escape Your love
No matter what comes
You always remain

Behind the Music

This song is about taking the knowledge in our heads—that God will never leave us—and proclaiming that truth over our lives and hearts in faith. “Close” leaves room for our doubts and questions but declares that, in the end, He is the answer and He’s never far from us.

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