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Verse 1

Whatever comes, no matter what I’m facing
When every dream I have is falling through
I won’t forget Your plans are always for me
I can’t deny Your love


I can feel Your heartbeat now
Beating deep inside my chest
Tearing down every wall
You are breaking through


You’re running through my veins
Flowing through every part
Completely changing me
With every beat of Your heart
Your blood poured out for mine
My purpose redefined
I’m found in Your heartbeat
I’m found in Your heartbeat

Verse 2

In every step, I know that You are with me
Through the struggle, You are always true
Let me be light until the world around me
Cannot deny Your love


This love is so amazing
I can’t help but praise You
Your rhythm in my veins
My heart forever changed

Behind the Music

"Heartbeat” was included on our debut EP, but we loved it so much we included it on the Symphony full-length album as well. This song is a carefree praise song that celebrates how God is as close to us as our own heartbeats. It reminds us that through Him, we have life.

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