Every person on this earth matters to God.

Our relief and restoration efforts share the love of Christ with people in our local and global communities. Communities aren't changed by programs but by relationships developed among the people in that community. In our missions work, we build and support relationships that inspire change.

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Partnering with Global Organizations.

Life.Church helps fight poverty, provide relief, and bring freedom to the oppressed through partnerships with global organizations. Learn more about our global partners and how we are working together to show Christ's love to people all over the world.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope's disaster relief efforts are successful thanks to an emphasis on excellence in logistics and strong alliances with state, national, and international relief agencies.

All Convoy of Hope disaster relief efforts occur in partnership with local churches, so disaster victims have the opportunity for ongoing connection with a local ministry. Convoy of Hope has responded to disasters in more than 110 countries around the world.

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Convoy of Hope

"With the support of our amazing partners Convoy of Hope is able to quickly serve those who are reeling from disasters. We are grateful for such opportunities and consider it an honor to be among the first to bring help and hope to those in need."

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Compassion International's Child Survival Programs

Compassion International’s existing church partners run more than 700 Child Survival Programs (CSP) in 26 countries around the world.

CSPs reach out to the parents of small children, from pregnancy through age 5, and provide education about child development, health and nutrition, biblical training, and basic job skills training.

Life.Church fully funds the costs of CSPs in Ecuador, Uganda, the Philippines, and India, representing over 500 parents and children.

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Compassion International

New Missions

Only 20% of children in Haiti have access to education. New Missions addresses poverty by building and running churches and schools throughout Haiti.

Each day, approximately 11,000 children attend a New Missions school, where they receive a hot meal, medical care, school books, school uniforms, and the opportunity to hear the Gospel message of hope that changes lives. Life.Church helps to fund New Missions programs in more than 30 communities in Haiti.

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"They already have the abilities to lift their family out of poverty. The Gospel gives them the missing ingredient – hope."

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HOPE International

HOPE International focuses on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through microenterprise development.

HOPE International programs provide Christ-centered microfinance and savings, along with education. Microfinance isn't a handout—it’s a hand-up. Microloan recipients take ownership and actively participate in the program. They take pride in knowing that their hard work has made the difference between poverty and provision for their families.

Life.Church supports HOPE International’s global work in 16 countries around the world.

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HOPE International

The Chalmers Center

The Chalmers Center's vision is for local churches to declare and demonstrate to people who are poor that Jesus Christ is making all things new. The Center focuses on redefining poverty based on biblical truths by training U.S. churches to respond to the complexities of poverty within their communities and training international savings groups about managing their businesses, households, and health.

Using a relational, biblical worldview, Chalmers' Microfinance With Education is a powerful intervention program designed to help churches respond to the complexities of poverty within their communities. Life.Church helps to support the Chalmers Center's international work and US church training as well as partners with its staff in the development of training tools such as Helping Without Hurting.

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The Chalmers Center

"A lot people get forgotten and get left behind. It's really important to us that we follow through on our commitments to these people who need our help."

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Samaritan's Purse

The mission of Samaritan's Purse is to follow the example of Christ by helping those in need and proclaiming the hope of the Gospel.

For more than 40 years, Samaritan’s Purse has helped the world’s poor, sick, and suffering through programs that meet the needs of individuals right where they are.

Samaritan’s Purse strives to show the love and power of Christ through medical assistance for children, local and international disaster response, education for orphans, and communities gifts that share the life-changing news of Jesus Christ.

Life.Church helps to fund relief efforts domestically and abroad.

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Samaritan's Purse

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